An election day observation: health disparities may affect electoral outcomes…

A thought-provoking find from PHS 795 student Edward Vargas:

Dear all: In spirit of elections and health….Below is a paper by two colleagues ya’ll might find of interests that focuses on the impact of racial mortality differentials on political participation in the US.  They find that, “premature deaths among blacks have had a significant impact on the racial composition of America’s electorate and, during the study period, may have been a key influence on several state election outcomes. State level findings suggest that our estimated effects could have had political potency at the national level, as well, given that the predicted reversal of specific senate elections would have changed the controlling party in the Senate from 1986 to 2002.”


Black Lives Matter: Differential Mortality and the Racial …

Excess mortality in marginalized populations could be both a cause and an effect of political processes. We estimate the impact of mortality differentials between …


One thought on “An election day observation: health disparities may affect electoral outcomes…

  1. This is a very thought provoking study. The connection between health and years of lost life could have a huge impact on your ability to vote for policies that could improve your life. Since the mortality rate (which correlates with political power based on the number of elections you are able to vote in) is greater in the black population compared to the white population in the United States, it becomes another factor that should be considered when trying to understand the determinants of population health and how this disproportionately impacts low income, minority populations. This article also discusses the disenfranchisement of black felons who are unable to vote, and given that the health of prisoners tends to be lower than the average population due to poor health care resources, this loss of ability to vote has a similar affect as early death because your vote and ability to change policy with a vote is lost, which exacerbates the health disparities in the United States.


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