Improving patient focused healthcare

A PHS 795 student calls our attention to the implementation of new reimbursement rules from CMS to encourage patient engagement. Under MACRA’s quality payment program, providers can elect advanced alternative payment models that are designed to provide financial incentives for delivering coordinated care through patient centered medical homes. They write:

We have discussed improved quality of care, as well as the cost and effectiveness of health care. One of the most recent readings looked at recommended care as well, while another explored monetary based incentives. These articles explore some of the implications of these financial changes, and how the implementation of such programs could lead to better quality, more patient-focused care. Hopefully, in concordance with the ACA, this will help in lowering health costs while still improving quality. Healthcare delivery has long been an issue in the United States, but HHS hopes that the changing payment structure is a step in the right direction. The second article specifically looks at how changing the payment structure could lead to better care for minorities, which may reduce some of the major barriers and disparities in our current healthcare system. Overall, I thought these articles tied into some of our discussions and provided another perspective of how our healthcare system is changing. Thanks!

1 Final MACRA Implementation Rule to Drive Patient Engagement

HHS has finalized MACRA, establishing the Quality Payment Program which will help drive patient engagement and patient-centered healthcare via its requirements.

 2 Greater emphasis on patient experience improvement could benefit Medicare’s VBP hospitals serving minority patients

Although hospitals in Medicare’s Value-Based Purchasing program already receive patient experience points based on achievement, improvement, and consistency, placing more emphasis on improvement points could benefit hospitals serving minority patients


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